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MLS Firearms, located inside Morris Levin & Son Hardware, carries a large selection of high quality long guns, handguns, supplies, optics, ammunition, accessories, powders and primers. We also offer in-house customization, repair and light milling – as well as Conceal Carry Weapon training on-premises. We are Tulare’s only Glock Blue-Label dealer. MLS Firearms is your home for Second Amendment Hardware.

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Please Note: the BODYGUARD 380 Semi-Auto is for LEO Only.

(Don’t blame us, blame the gun-grabbers in Sacramento.)

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Conceal Carry for Personal Protection is “good cause” in Tulare County, thanks to Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

Conceal Carry Class Every 3rd Saturday, Every Month

MLS Firearms strongly believes that training is crucial to successful self-defense. We hold Conceal Carry Classes on the third Saturday of every month, from 8am to 12pm. The cost is $55. The class includes instruction on the legal responsibilities associated with using a lethal weapon for self-defense, as well as your obligations as a conceal carry licensee. But this is not one of those classes where you sit in a classroom for four hours, listening to some instructor drone on-and-on!


Most of the class consists of practical self-defense firearm training. This includes close-quarter situations, firing from either hand, firing from different positions, and firing at multiple targets while moving. And you won’t just be pointing your finger while yelling “Bang! Bang!”  We use Air-Soft replica pistols that closely emulate the size and “feel” of a self-defense carry pistol.

At the end of the class you will receive a qualifying Conceal Carry Training Certificate good for six months. During that time – or even prior to it – you can file for your CCW Permit with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office. Here is the link their web-page that contains the instructions and forms:

Come in to MLS Firearms and sign up, or give us a call at 686-8665 ext. 263. This course is great beginner’s training where you’ll learn safe firearm handling, good habits, and practical shooting experience. If you wish, make arrangements with the instructor to continue your training. We know you’ll agree that this is a sound $55 investment!


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Cal DOJ Firearms Safety Test

Study Guide in English

Study Guide in Spanish

Tulare County Sheriff

Conceal Carry Information:

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Whether you’re looking for target ammo, hunting cartridges or self-defense rounds, you’ve come to the right place. We carry a large selection of all popular ammo, and will be more than happy to handle your special orders if necessary. We also carry a selection of Rifle and Pistol Powder and Primers. Watch us as we expand our selection in the future!


MLS Firearms is happy to buy your used guns, or help you sell your guns on consignment.

Of course, that means we also sell used guns, so come on in and browse our previously-owned firearms selection.


From bore-sighting to scope-mounting or light repair work, our work is done on-premises. We can also customize your firearm with Cerakote, Stippling and light mill work – again, all done on-premises. To get started, download our Firearm Customizing Form customizingworkorder. For Repair work, use the Repair Order Form mls_firearms_repair_form.


We believe that training is essential for safe firearm operation as well as effective self-defense.

MLS Firearms holds monthly Conceal Carry Weapon training on premises. Our class places an emphasis on practical personal-defense weapon training, so if you expect to sit quietly in a room for four hours and listen to someone drone on-and-on you won’t like our class. We get you up and shooting in a variety of scenarios. At the end of the four-hour class you will have earned your CCW Training Certificate.


Solvents, lubricants, cleaning kits, range bags, eye protection, ear protection, hard cases, soft cases, targets, ammo cans, clay pigeons, clay pigeon launchers – we can outfit you with everything you need to keep shooting and clean up after yourself.


Are you interested in building your own AR? Or just want to change out that stock trigger for a competition model? Maybe you want to add night sights?

MLS Firearms has everything you need to build your own, from stock-to-compensator – and everything in between. We also have complete kits. And we’re going to be stocking the modifications necessary to keep your favorite bang-stick legal and off the Assault Weapon Registry.